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    99 gsx ltd wont go over 40mph, engine just bogs down and surges

    99 gsx ltd been stored for 8 years, 1st run was ok wouldned go over 40 mph it just boges down and surges. drained gas tank and refilled, pulled plugs wich were gapped at .055 and installed new ngk gapped at .020. cleaned out fuel filter wich had just a little trash in it. took her out yesterday started fine but surged on take off, then accelerated fine to about 35-40mph and just boged down. kept riding at 35mph for about 6 miles no problem, turned around and she just wouldned accellerate at all. just surges to 3500 rpm or so and right back to idle running rough, then at times wouldned even do that. got home pulled plugs wich are now black probably from the return trip trying to fether the gas but she just wouldned go. back home on the hose she appears to run fine. idles at 3000-3100 and accellerates quickly. it has only 42 hrs on the clock. any sugestions

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    You need to have the carbs cleaned and the fuel lines replaced. Don't run this ski any more like this or your problems will get much worse. Good Luck, Cliff

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    might try posting in the 2 stroke section

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