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    Help with Problem

    Hey all

    My mate has a 250x that we put a solars prop in about two hours ago all has been great until today it started to cav really bad and when was new had none at all.
    All so the back of the ski seems loose on turns and has a weird noise turning one way at high speeds. Any help would be good I thought it maybe the pump bearing has gone or pump has a air leak.
    I have post this in the kawaski section but not real luck so far i trust and know the yamaha guys from what i have spent hours of reading.
    Cheers Matt

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    I heard from guys on here and locally that the prop on the kawasaki's tend to loosen up on their own. I can't be sure if it is model specific or not but if all looks good from a distance, something else to look in to. The prop rotates directionally and the forces it sees in a left turn will be different from a right turn and if the prop is loose, that could be part of the noise you hear one turn to the next. There could be other reasons but check bearings, prop torque, pump and stator condition in general, intake grate etc and hopefully you find something obvious.

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    cheers mate will pull apart today and check Thanks

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