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    98 gp760 no water coming out side spout

    i picked up a 98 gp760 that i just replaced the exhaust (from the rubber water jacket to the muffler)
    after i tightened everything and double checked....i took it to boat ramp kept it tied to trailer
    and started it up just want to check for leaks ... one thing i didn't notice was any water coming out
    the side spout? not sure if this is suppose to do this or not....first yamaha...have seadoo
    any help would be great

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    Couldnt see it being much different than the 1200, but I dont think water actually comes out until youre moving ( or a little on the throttle moving ) If this isnt the case, Id check the hoses to see if they could be clogged up would be....Since its a simple check, Id do that anyways.

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