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    Wide handlebar kit and OEM cover

    well i have a wide handlebar kit on my rxp 215 and i just got an oem cover for it because it will be outside for some of the summer and the problem is it is a huge pain in the *** to get the cover to stay on. Ive tried lossening the handlebars and letting them drop but it is just a huge pain to get it on, i dont know how i will be able to get the cover on, on a floating dock. I was wondering if there were other covers that were setup for this or if anyone had an idea of what i could do...if all else fails i will just take the 20 minutes each time to put the cover on lol

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    You could put it on and mark where it's the tightest around the handlebars and cut slits in the cover then have it expanded a little and sew it back together

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