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    Oil throughout hull/bilge, only 10 hrs on 07 f-12x

    Hello, just bought a 2007 f-12x recently. I've noticed a greenish milky substance in the hull underneath the engine and throughout the bilge. I've owned other skis but this is my first Honda and I'm wondering what this stuff may be. The ski is practically brand new with only 10hrs on it. It runs fine, checked the oil level warmed up and all good. Does Honda use any type of factory rust preventative and maybe I'm seeing excess??? I talked to the previous ownner and he has no idea what it may be. He did say the ski was winterized by a Honda dealer last year so maybe they overdid it and sprayed the hell out of the bilge. Has anyone had this issue?????? Thanks for any help guys

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    Check the rear oil access cap almost under the turbocharger [at the bottom rear of the engine] and see if the dealer lost the O ring that sits under the cap.

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    Hi I just bought a 06 r12x and it runs great but when i pulled the drain last time out which is only my 3rd time I notice oil throughout my hull. it seems to be sitting right under turbo area and am just wondering what u found out

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    My o ring is ok and there

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