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    04 155hp GTX Wake low max speed

    OK, this is my first post. I hope someone here can help me out. I have a 04 155hp GTX Wake. when I power up, the pump seems to cavitate, and it takes me a few extra seconds to get up to plane. The max speed at around 6200rpm is about 40mph, and I can't go any faster, even WOT at 7000+rpm. The wear ring looks worn, and the impeller looks fine. I don't have the tools to replace the ring on my own, and plan on taking it in to have it done at the service shop. I am not sure if that is the cause of my slow top end speed, but as I read thru this site, it looks highly probable. as I have no error codes, and everything else looks fine (133 hours on the ski).

    My question is this: Am I damaging anything if I continue to ride the ski with this worn ring? How worn should the ring get before replacement?

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    I've got two of the exact same ski. The one I ride has a wear ring that could probably use to be replaced and there are some nicks in the leading edge of the impeller. The one my wife rides is in much better shape. Mine takes a bit longer to get up to speed but when I switch hers is noticably quicker. On the other hand, they both do get up to their max speed which is why I find it easier to procrastinate.

    I'd like do know if there is a good method for measuring when to replace them as well.

    Welcome to green hulk.

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