Hello, been lurking on here for the past month or so and finally registered. Looking forward to learning a lot from you experts! The waverunner has been on a boat lift for the past couple years, it use to run about a year ago, but hasn't recently. I'm in Tampa and the waverunner is my dad's neighbors, and my ole man plans to take a look at it when I go back up there this weekend. He's every good at working on straight inboards, outboards etc, but new to the PWC engines. We plan to do a compression check and see if it can start. From everything I've read on here, if we have good compression (About 120-125?) and it won't fire, maybe need to install a new carb kit for the two carbs? I plan to drain the old gas, change the oil and see what happens. Its still in pretty good shape, no damage, but might need to be detailed here and there. Just wanted to see what else I should look for on this? Can't beat the price...I also have a 2010 SEADOO GTX 155, so I guess its looking like a double trailer is in my future or a ski lift on the dock for one....THanks again.