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    Please Help; Stupid Mistake Need Experienced Advice

    Hi all,

    Please spare me the Noob beating (that i know i deserve) but i have a good amount of experience with motors however little to no experience with waverunners or 2 stroke engines in general. Please help me fix this crisis as time is critical.

    I recently purchased a beautiful 2002 GPR with around 95 hrs. Compression tested at 119 120 120 when I bought it 3 days ago.

    Yesterday I brought the ski home and started it up. The ski ran perfect on the hose for about 20 mins. I shut the ski down and without realizing was back feeding water into the cylinders through the flush hose. I came to find out that this is a BIG NO NO and I really wish this was communicated to me when I picked up the ski. Anyway a decent amount of water was pushed into the motor.

    The ski was not started while the water was in the motor.

    I immediately panicked and pulled the plugs and started trying to "crank" or blow the water out of the engine. This seemed to get alot of the water out, I repeated this process for over an hour until it was just mist shooting out. I put a little yamalube (less than a cap full) in through the spark plug holes and sprayed some starter fluid that says "absorbs" moisture into each cyl. When checked it out this morning (approx 16hrs after the issue) it seems to crank like a healthy motor (i didn't remove the plugs and try to blow water out again) but i am afraid to try and fire it up and cause more damage if there is still water in there. I know time is critical with these things, Im at work now and wanted to have a plan for when im back home tonight. What should I be doing to fix this?

    Has anyone else been as stupid as me and seen the ski live through it??

    Should i turn the ski over or on its side and try to crank again???

    Anyone have any good tips on containing this to prevent a full rebuild??

    -Such a shame, pls help

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    As far as I have ever read around here, basically you have done what you needed to. Put the oil in and cranked it over. Id pull the plugs out again and crank it over and see if more water comes out.
    Make sure your plugs are good or put in some new ones, maybe use a little pre mixed gas/ oil as a primer to help get it running agin - You need to get it running again asap. This will burn out any water left inside. You can run it with out being on a flush hose, but not for long as it would get too hot.

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    get it running, and take it to the water and ride it asap

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    Quote Originally Posted by WFO View Post
    get it running, and take it to the water and ride it asap

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    Quote Originally Posted by WFO View Post
    get it running, and take it to the water and ride it asap
    You have done what you go ride it for a couple hours

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    I had mine full of salt water 4 years ago after it capsized and didn't cut out (the lanyard came off my wrist, which taught me a valuable lesson about fastening the lanyard to my lifejacket clip), but I cranked the water out through the plug holes, put a little extra 2 stroke oil into the fuel tank, and "ran it like I stole it" for an hour. Result- no problems at all. At least you've only had fresh, clean water in yours, and you've done everything right so far with regards to getting oil back into the engine to prevent corrosion. You need to get it out on the water no matter what it takes, or at the very least run it on the hose again for a good 30 minutes. Just don't forget to switch the hose off next time! By the way, don't beat yourself up- most of us have done equally stupid things, or worse! Some of us just won't admit to it!

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    Thanks everyone for the help..


    The last two nights Ive run the engine for an hour or more on the hose.. I work in the city and don't have any chance to get it in the water until the weekend. I figure oiling and running it on the hose each day will at least prevent any rust from accumulating until i can really run the hell out of it and burn off any remaining moisture. Good news is after I ran it Monday I fogged the motor and when i returned yesterday she started right up with one touch (surprising since I thought the fogging oil would at least foul the plugs).

    Cant wait to get through this and start thinking about upgrades!

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