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    Question with 97 GP1200 rebuild

    I'm new to this forum but since I found it, I've been learning tons. I'm rebuilding my 97 GP1200 and I currently have the pistons, cylinders, exhaust, and intake (with reeds) all reinstalled. My question is probably dumb, but should the crank be hard to turn by hand after the rebuild? It cranks fine without the spark plugs installed and each chamber blows air out the spark plug holes well. When I install the plugs I can barely turn the crank due to the cylinders being completely air tight. But will the starter be able to turn it over? Just want to make sure its been done right before I reinstall it in the ski.

    just need a little advice from someone whos done this before.


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    It should turn over freely with out any plugs in ( by hand ) And it should be difficult to turn over with the plugs installed.
    Drop it in and use the starter to turn it over, itll be fine.

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    Thanks! I figured it was good to go but I wanted to check.

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