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    Overheating Exhaust

    Kinda need a quick answer.

    I have had a problem with my exhaust overheating and was talking to local dealer who suggested I check thermostat and pop-off valve on the cooling rail. Sure enough I have nothing in there.

    Looking for your opinions whether that would cause not enough pressure to build up and not force enough water through exhaust. (Orifice has been cleaned and still had problem, melting hoses).

    It seems to me that water coming in from the pump gets pushed through the exhaust before it gets to that rail but what do I know. If this is my solution I will be happy. He says I need to the thermostat too but once it reaches temp and opens I don't see how it helps and it is the most expensive part..

    I already ordered the parts but could possibly cancel order....

    Thanks guys.

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    what ski???i take the t-stat out of all my skis.could be the pump screen is clogged in the nozzle itself.the o-ring,there is bad.there was a service bulletin about some bad senders as well

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    I'm going to guess a 780....

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