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    WTB 1050 cylinders

    As some of you may have read, I was having carb problems with my 98 SLXH 1050. I bought some new carbs from a guy offering them here, got it to the lake and it was running great...for about 5 minutes. Then it started cutting out real bad, gave it gas, got going again, then it started cutting out bad, and died. next thing I know I fall off the ski...its sinking....FAST. My dad jumped off his ski to help me, at this point the only thing out of the water is the nose, and its only about a foot out of the water, pointed straight up. sinking fast. The ski had a completely full tank of gas in it. we got a rope tied to the front nose hook and dad wrapped it around his Tigershark to try and tow me to the shore...3/4 of a mile away. We got most of the ski out of water, everything from the hood up while being towed. My dads jet ski is bogging down bad and the ski starts sinking again. Thankfully a boat stopped by and offered to help. We quickly tied my Polaris to their boat and they finished getting me to the shore. After finally getting there, I manhandle it to get it on the trailer, thankfully I had about 10ft of tow rope connected to the winch so I was able to tow it in while the ski is underwater. After I get in onto the trailer and get it centered, I pull it out with the truck. And OMG...I found a hole in the bottom of the hull big enough to put my fist through. Thinking back, I had let my moms best friend ride it last and she ran it on a rock when she brought it back to shore. So now the ski has been submerged, Now that its dry I need to dry it all out and get it started to burn the lake water out. I pull the plugs and turn it over. Two of the cylinders are blowing the water is not. I inspect it and I find one hell of a surprise....I get to looking at it and the water bar looks crooked..So I am thinking...what the hell!?!? I look a little closer and Oh My God....The entire rear cylinder is lifted off the block an inch.

    So to make a long story short. I need 2 red 1050 cylinders and a water bar. If I cant find good jugs i need a couple I can bore out and a piston kit to fix it. I can only hope and pray the crankshaft is ok...

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    If it ripped a cylinder right off it must have hydro-locked & the crank is probly junk

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    Quote Originally Posted by fixer View Post
    If it ripped a cylinder right off it must have hydro-locked & the crank is probly junk

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    the engine still turns over fine and visually the crank looks like it is the same distance from the case all the way around it.

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    + a bazillion

    You need a new motor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sschoeffler View Post
    the engine still turns over fine and visually the crank looks like it is the same distance from the case all the way around it.
    You'll never be able to tell by just looking at it. You need to have all 3 jugs and and check index.

    How did the jugs come off? Break at the base? Breaks the studs? Rip the studs out of the case?

    It took a hell of a lot of force to do that. In fact, this is the first time I've ever heard of it happening. Considering you can twist a crank on a domestic by simply jumping out of the water, over-rev'ing and dropping back in to shock load the's almost certain that your crank is toast.

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    the domestic cranks are pressed with around 20 tons from what i remeber,they'll take a beating.the fuji won't hold up to that abuse.the slxh used a different jug then the other 1050's.might be hard to find.might just bite the bullet,sell off what you can and find another'll probably find you need an exhaust manifold as well.

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    Heads were still bolted to the case. An inch above the bottom of the cylinder is where is separated completely. The cylinder lifted an inch from the break. It cracked the exhaust manifold where it bolts to the back jug. It cracked the water pipe just before the middle jug. The water pipe threads on the back jug were kinda hard to get out so they are probably toast. The middle jug is cracked where the exhaust manifold bolts.

    It seems like the rear jug is the one that filled with water and when it lifted that cylinder it broke the middle one also.
    As soon as I get a couple jugs I will check the crank index but as it stands now, I have one jug in 6 different pieces.

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    I will get some pics when I get home tonight to show you guys the damage.

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    There is no way that crank survived.

    Even on the slightest chance that it did, how did you get the remaining water out of the cases and preserve the crank? It only takes a matter of hours for rust to form.

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