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    1994 Polaris SL 650 runs great on the trailer, but bogs out in the water

    Hey now this is my first post here and Im excited to get some help and get this thing in the water this summer. A friend of mine gave this to me. He had to replace a battery cable and rebuilt the carbs. He said it ran great until he figured out that he forgot the drain plug was not in. He was able to get it out of the water before sinking it. The bilge pump was working pretty good and he drained the hull.

    Since this, it will run wide open while on the trailer...not running it for long at all...but when you put it in the water it wants to bog out. It will idle ok for a minute then periodically stall. If you throttle it, the rpms will raise a small amount and it just seems like too much of a load and it will bog out. This week I plan on getting the tripple style fuel pump, some lines, new battery, draining the fuel, and block off the oil pump. Im hoping this will cure the problems, but before going too crazy spending money on this thing I want a few ideas as to what the problem is. Keep in mind that when on the trailer out of the water, it will not miss or bog out. It runs great. Back it into the water and it just bogs out. Thank you in advance for any help.


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    Mine was bogging like that. Problem was fixed when I replaced the carbs.

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    welcome to greenhulk. you will fine more polaris info and helpful people than any where else on the net.

    you may have water in the carbs, and or fuel.

    i would go through the fuel system completely. rebuild the carbs again, replace all lines, fuel select valve, and update to the tripple outlet pump.

    done properly, your ski should run for a long time, trouble free.

    we have all parts here, in stock.

    let me know if i can help.

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    Hey I do not seeing the fuel pump for my Polaris. I'm looking for the new tripe output fuel pump. Is there a 12 volt fuel pump for this?? I'm trying to get the pump ordered today and ill get the fuel hoses locally and this weekend we will see what happens.

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    John Zigler can get you everything you need as a package or the pump can be had here for example:

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    John, please email me at [email protected]

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    Just email [email protected]

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