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    RX12 w stuck waste gates

    I've got a couple of RX12s with stuck waste gates
    just wondering if it's possible to partially disassemble the turbo while still on the ski to be able to work on the waste gates to try to free them up?

    Also I've read on another post that usually it's best to R & R the engine to get the Turbo out because of attaching bolts that freeze up, lack of clearance issues, etc...

    Trying to gather as much info as possible about this in hopes to save myself from beating myself up and finding out the hard way, etc...

    Thanks for all your help

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    Before you do anything else, put 10 PSI of compressed air on the tube going to the Wastegate actuator and see if it extends itself out 1/4" to open the wastegate.

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    any solutions

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