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    GTX suddenly died on water

    I have two identical 2005 GTX limited. I took them out for the first time yesterday and one of them just suddenly died on the water. It was as though I pulled off the lanyard which I didn't. I removed the lanyard and put it back on the post, got my two beeps and was back in business. About 10 minutes later the same thing happened. This time I cleaned the post and the inside of the lanyard which appeared to be clean to begin with. I installed the lanyard again and was on my way. Another few minutes later the ski died and resetting the lanyard did nothing. When I removed it and put it back on the post, the gauges did not move and no beeps. I reset the lanyard several times and again nothing. So now I am pulling out the rope getting ready for a tow. I tried the lanyard one more time and it worked to I rode directly to the dock. I did not have the learner key with me or I would have tried that.

    When I was home, both the main and learner key work every time. I can even just put a magnet to the post, hear the relay click and the gauges move. My first thought was to swap the posts on the skis to see if the problem moves to the other ski. That would prove that the post was bad. I also noticed that when I topped off the oil that morning, I forgot to screw on the oil filler cap. Is there any possibility that this could have caused an issue?

    Any other troubleshooting recommendations anyone can suggest?

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    Screw the oil fill cap back on and take it back out for a test - stay close to the dock. If it runs fine, that was probably it. If it does it again, it wasn't.

    I'd say the reason it worked at home it because it wasn't under load.

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