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    Low 12volt and po562 flashing up

    Hey fellas I have a quick one for u
    i have a 2007 rxp and I'm getting low12volt flashing up on screen and po562 flashing up as well the.
    i looked up the seadoo fault codes and it says battery voltage to low the thing is I have a new battery in it and a good quality dekka brand as well
    any ideas fellas

    Cheers Ben

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    what's the voltage output on the battery? might need charged up with a good battery tender. take a multimeter and test it.

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    Check the rectifier!Here is what the service manual says:
    Battery failure, rectifier failure, damaged circuit wires, battery terminal connection, damaged AC generator or damaged connectors

    IMO,if your battery is good,check your rectifier and if it is good check your AC generator.Most of the times the rectifier goes bad!

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    This means the ECU is sensing low voltage. When are you seeing this? Have you measured the battery voltage, both at rest, and when revving on the hose? If your battery-level voltage is OK, then it is possible that you have a bad connection (either on the plus or negative/ground side) to the ECU circuit. Is this a salt water ski? If so, you need to check the entire cabling carefully, pull and inspect all connections.

    An easy way to test the integrity of the main power cables is to put your meter on the battery post with one probe, and at the other terminating end of the power cable, and hit the starter. (for example, between the battery negative post, and the engine block) This will give you the voltage drop across the power cable. Should be less than half a volt when you hit the starter.

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    possibly your rectifier fuse is loose, check that

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    Quote Originally Posted by meeper View Post
    possibly your rectifier fuse is loose, check that
    +1 had the same thing happen to me one a 04 155 gtx ended up bring a bad fuse holder fuse would never blow just small black marks on blades bitch to track down

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    hey guys
    i haven't checked volts yet will do that when i get home from work
    a few guys over here told me to check the rectifier so will do that as well and charge the battery
    it happened a couple of weeks ago so i stopped ski then restarted it and it went away then n the weekend after about 100kms of riding it started beeping at me but weird beeps really short ones at first then long drawn out beeps then just single beeps and then the po562 started flashing up again
    yeah the ski gets riden in salt water all the time as there is very few fresh water lakes in western australia that you can use jet skis on without waterskiers trying to fight you and going all stupid about it(bloody muppets)
    so i will go threw and check all the wiring harness and plugs
    will also check the fuse that you guys are talking about

    cheers ben

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    Fix it then bomb it .... Lol....

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    slasher you know the rules that i have to abide by!! im not allowed to play with my wifes ski therefore the rxpx is gettin a little tickle hahaha

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    If you run in salt water check the positive battery cable for corrosion under the moldings. I see this a lot on a ski thats a few years old. Normally the first place I look after the fuses

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