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    8 inch to 12 inch tires

    I have a trailer with 8 inch tires on it,i plan on towing it 500 miles this summer from mass to md and want to put on 12 inch tires.What ius involved in this.

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    The majority of the time it's just a straight up wheel swap. Depending on the trailer manufacturer, it may require the fenders to be swapped also. What brand trailer is it, have a pic?

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    I wanna go down to 8" to drop my ski lower to launch easier...

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    Depending on the trailer, you cannot just swap. Fender height, spring height also must be considered. Easier to buy two spares and be done with it. I pulled mine a good bit further and everything worked out well. It again is personal preference. It might be as simple as a wheel swap, but then again it might not be. Good luck!

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