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    Engine for custom made skis going into production this summer.

    Hi all. I have designed and built a jet ski that a few have tried in the past and just couldnt make work. It took me awhile to get everything right but the thing is incredible. I have the local state troopers wanting them and also had a showing with a certian group from the coast guard and literally the first words that was said is when can I buy one? (still have to do the floatation foam testing and get it certified). This is my second company, the first is about to be sold to a local oil field company (fingers crossed) so I am going to be able to pursue this. I have aquired a great relationship with a well known boat manufacturing company out of Oregon to mass produce these rigs for the lower 48 states concidering I am in Alaska and I dont want to stab you in the liver with shipping haha. I have taken this thing threw some pretty out of control waters already and have not found a flaw yet, jumped it off a small ice burge going 40.. cleared it.. landed sideways.. and it didnt flip, just spun around and didnt even knick the hull (yes I have a video), had it out in the Whittier inlet while it was 6 degrees outside jumping waves (yes I was wearing a dry suite... no it didnt help my hands at all), and just recently I took me (6'3" 270), my friend Harry (180) and my friend Chris (6'3" 270) up 20 mile river running threw mild rapids and 2 inch water no problem. Now to the help.. I have come to find that the well known companies in no way at all want to help a new entrepeneur in this industry. One company was great about it until half way threw when they realized its potential and said they cant provide engines and pumps to someone who is going to be in direct competition and the other companies are just impossible to get to someone who can help haha. Knowing business, this is all smart moves on their part trying to suppress any chance of competition but damn. So what I am wondering is who can I get these motors and drive units from? I love the webers and have emailed a few times with no response yet. I have very cheap access to the suzuki motors (as do you) but I am not sure about how well they will hold up. I spoke with a friend about them here who owns a custom tuner shop and he said they are great motors, when they arrive just tear them down and re assemble them using all the torque specs and they will last forever with proper maintenance. My main concern is the people. I want this thing to be built bullet proof and I want everyone to have a smile of their face, but I dont want to have to put 10k engines in them with a 5k pump and have to push that off on the customers concidering they are going to be a bit more already being that they are all hand built and custom orderable to fit each persons needs. Please help! I built the first one to run up rapids and they have just taken off with people lined up for me to produce them locally. I dont want to cut corners... I am looking to you experts who know first hand out of experience what is needed. Lets put together a great machine. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated and if anyone wants to fly up to AK and take it out you are more than welcome. Try to break it! Its called RandD for a reason Thank you all for the help.

    Sorry I have to do this..
    Any and all informatin and IP regarding the design of this product is to always be concidered under the complete ownership of MacKinnon Marine.

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    I am working on it haha

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    hey troyheb, I checked out your website. Looks like it is going to be pretty interesting. You definately have the same interests I do. Are there a lot of good rivers in texas? My family has 342 acres in a place called St.Joe? I only got to stop and look at it once will driving threw with my brother when he was moving to Idaho. Definately wanted to stop more in Texas, the place seem like a blast all over. I am supposed to go down there sometime soon, my uncle supposively set up baiting stations and stuff on the property for deer so you can go hunting. We dont have anything like that here so I figured it might be fun... like fishing with seal bombs in a pond I guess haha.

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    Got any pics of your machine?

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    damn do you really have to have it posted on youtube to put a video on here?

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    That will give you a proper idea. Yes it was built with the guts of an old waveraider.

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    Your 1st post reminded me of the "Tucker - mobile" story... Best of luck with your new venture. Any still pix of the body?

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    Its feeling that way about now. I do but at the given moment I dont want to post them all over the web until I am in production and ready to rock. To many things can go bad. do you have any info on a good resource for motors or have you heard anything good about the suzuki 1400? I know it got a torn up rep because of the china skis but I am wondering if the motor is actually good or not and the hulls are just crap? I might have to go that route and prove myself to a company like weber. That is who I have my heart set on. I was talking with rotax for a bit and seadoo didnt like it, and yamaha is "entertaining" idea. I just dont have a lot of time or I feel I will lose the potential contract with the state troopers here. I want the best motor I can get due to the fact that these are obviously designed for shallow and rough rivers. I dont want to send somone miles up... or even worse down river and have the engine go on them. With the suzuki motor the fact that it has an exposed flywheel worries me. I build sprint boats and airboats and have had no problem with the small and big block chevys we use but it just seems like this is a little more delicate of an application being all enclosed with all that electrical. Shock is a big factor too being that these are going to be hitting some stuff with heavy force. I hit that ice chunk as fast as my balls would let me and it seriously didnt even scratch the bottom. I was trying to dent it to see what force it would take. 650 dry weight by the way.

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