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    Looking for some info on this Kawi Stand up jetski I picked up

    Hey guys,

    I need a little help here. Ive had 20+ Skis in my life so far, but NEVER owned a Stand up ski before. I came across this one for sale and picked it up pretty cheap. Kid was broke and needed cash bad so i figured hell id pick it up and have some fun on it.

    The ski starts and runs great, even 148psi on the cylinders. Has aftermarket pipe, Scoop intake grate, Not sure if its the stock carb, its a kein. Everything else looks to be stock.

    Kid told me its a 650sx. Question is, what year is it? Will all parts interchange from all years of the 650sx made?

    It has no rub rails, the chin pad is missing. all the padded panels are ripped and need new padding. Don't ask me who came up with the idea to paint it this color, Havnt rode it yet, but if I like it Im thinking about pulling the engine out, cleaning,painting it, Painting the outside and making it look decent again.

    Ive seen Stand ups that people have built and used turf mat around where the rub rails once were. This idea seems good to me, being that I cant find new rub rails for this ski online. Anyone have any tips/ tricks that might help me get this thing in riding shape? Where can I find a complete "Kit" with all new turf, side panels, chin pad etc for these?

    Thanks in advance.Click image for larger version. 

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    The year will be the last two letters on the VIN near the rear of the ski. It will be a 1990 or older since they moved to a rear exhaust on the 650sx in 1991. It looks as though it has the side exhaust. I would speak to hydroturf to ask how the guys are making the rails. I have seen them too, and they look good. Check out Ebay for a chin pad. They are easy to recover if you find one that isn't in that good of shape. Most of the parts will be interchangeable from the Kawasaki 650's. The engine looks all stock to me.

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    Well I know about the VIN# being the last 2 digits, but I didnt mention that someone down the line swamped the plate and its titled as a 96 model

    And yes it has a side exhaust coming out of the left front. So 1990 back, because of the exaust outlet...... that narrows it down for me Thanks.

    Ill check ebay to see what I can find.

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    I've spend some years working and riding a 650SX before I moved onto a 750SXi, and then to current 800 X-2.

    Your photos show a bone stock Kehin single throat carb.
    The oil injection is removed so you need to use pre-mixed fuel.
    148 psi compression means bone stock top end.

    If you are over 200 lbs, don't expect anything spectacular acceleration or power even though it has an aftermarket exh pipe (which alone would cost $200+ even used). Before pulling out the engine and everything. Just test ride and see if you like the ride. The 650SX is not one of the popular standups out there due to so, so power with relatively heavy hull and marginal handling. But it's a great beginner standup ski to learn on because of rather stable flat hull. Good luck.

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    Im 180lbs and Ive rode 1 stand up before for about 10 minutes (07 superjet).

    This will be my first time owning one and really getting comfortable riding a stand up.

    I really want to get some sort of rub rail, Mat on the side,and a chin pad before I ride it. Fiberglass is the last thing I want in my leg after falling off!! lol

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