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    supercharger needle bearing tool

    just got another xcharger kit the needle bearings now come in a plastic ring instead of that sticky paper, so they have a needle bearing pusher (529 036 237) which just looks like a piece of solid round stock. has anyone bought the tool? i am looking for the o.d. dimensions and if its really just a solid rod, figured could just chuck some solid stock in the lathe and machine it to size, and is it even really needed. thanks

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    Not sure why you would need one. I slathered the Iso-flex grease all over the shaft area where the needle bearings are placed then stuck them in the grease all the way around the shaft, it worked great. Then slipped the gear over the needle bearings.

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    so when you pulled the outer plastic ring they stayed in place?

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    I had to take them off the paper one by one to place them in the grease around the shaft.

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