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    XR1800 cranks for 3 sec and then stops

    I have a 2001 xr1800. When I turn the ignition key for either motor, it cranks for 3 seconds and then stops. If you turn the key back off and then back on, it will crank for another 3 seconds before cutting off again. It sounds strong, but like something is cutting it off. It has a new battery and newly rebuilt carbs. I have checked all the connections and fuses in the ignition box and everything looks good. Any suggestions?

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    You might look at the door and switches in the clean out plug area.

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    I checked the two switches under the clean out plug hatch to make sure they were depressed. If I open the hatch door, nothing happens. Neither engine will crank. With the hatch door closed, both engines will crank but stop after 3 sec even with the ignition key still engaged. It is weird that both engines are doing the same thing. I also tried to move the drive lever from F to R and back to neutral and still nothing.

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    I am trying to remember but I think I had this happen on a ls2000 after doing steering cables and it was the neutral switch. It's a pain to remove and expensive but when. I got in there a wire needed to be soldered back on. Might want to check that.

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    After going through everything, I checked the water temp connections and they were loose. After tightening the connections, it started right up. thanks for all the help!!

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