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    First Spark Plug Inspection / VXR @ 90 hours

    Over this last last weekend I removed / inspected the Spark Plugs out of my VXR for the first time (@ 90 hours) and was actually shocked to see a set of Spark Plugs in that good of condition. Literally, they still looked brand new. No corrosion on the threads or the Plugs, very easy to remove. This tells me that in no uncertain terms that there is "zero" water condensation finding its way back into the engine while the Ski is in use or while it is sitting on the Trailer . . .

    I am very happy about this. This is just another good example of why Yamaha is the best suited pwc to the marine environment. How a Ski reacts and wears in the Marine environment, particularly salt water, is one of the strongest tell tales of just how good a pwc. Needless to say, I am on the right machine JB

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    Good news JB, and may I add - we are happy to have your thoughts on these watercraft.
    With over 1,000 LB2CAT crossings, your input is invaluable.

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    Nice, John. I checked mine at 75h, and will again at 150. At 75 they looked new as well, and I don't flush my ski, it either sits on a lift, or often just in the water, throughout the season.

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    I have yet to check the Plugs on the FX SHO; no need to not enough hours yet. But I imagine I will see the Plugs in a very good similar condition on this Ski too.

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    What do I gotta do to get in on one of these LB --->CAT runs this summer??

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    Same with our FXHO 1.8L 100 hours and plugs like brand new, gotta love these yams been a great ski not 1 prob 102 hours and just like new.

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    I also changed my plugs at 94 hours ....still looked brand new, I also had my 100 (108 hrs) hour service done this last Tuesday , I did all of it myself except check the valve clearance.....I just wanted the valve clearance part on record for warranty purposes......everything was well within specs and very clean......

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    checked mine at 76hrs yep good as new

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    Quote Originally Posted by CougarKiller View Post
    What do I gotta do to get in on one of these LB --->CAT runs this summer??
    I do not do a CAT run every weekend. But about 1 or 2 a month seems to be the norm now. Looks like you are in AZ so you are not too far. It's a 30 mile ride straight offshore to the island. So for a PWC, even a big 3 Seater, this is what they call a "bluewater ride". Sometimes I will do this ride by myself, but not too often. Conditions have to be perfect if I make the trek alone. Basically, it is "safety first" out there. The must haves are: Cell Phone, GPS, and VHF Radio. Highly recommended: EPIRB / PLB (personal locator beacon). Sharks: Makos, Threshers, Tigers, Blues, and yes Great Whites. They are all out there and I have seen them first hand. On the west end of Catalina I have seen some pretty big Whites (14+ feet). Why do I mention this? Just know that they are out there and we are visitors in "their" environment . . . not the other way around. And in spite of all the electronic gadgetry I carry, the best Safety Net we have out there is each other / the Group. We make every attempt to stay with each other, again Safety first. There are big Freighter Tankers in the Catalina Channel, and they usually are not an issue when visibility is good. But if a fog bank comes in, and you can't see 25 feet in front of you and you hear a "horn" on one of those things . . . that is a very enlightening experience (been there done that)! And legally, believe it or not, those Tankers have the right of way in virtually every situation out there. Net Net: We want to stay away from those Tankers no matter how good or bad the visibility is . . . . !

    I think you have a VXR? Do you have a bigger Ski? I have ridden my VXR there and back no problem, even around the island and back. It WILL make it, but if the waves come up a bit it is not the ideal Ski out there. You have to slow down a bit. Dont get me wrong, I am not trying to make this ride sound like some kind of Death March across the Sahara Desert. But the ocean, especially offshore, can be unforgiving . . . very unforgiving. I do have alot of experience out there, but I will tell you, humbly, even after 1,000+ crossings . . . I do not know everything out there. The same mechanical problem on the river in Blythe can be 100x worse in the ocean 15 miles offshore.

    That's enough; that gives you a good general idea of what the ride is like. If you are still interested, send me an e mail and we can talk more. JB
    [email protected]

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