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    2005 stx12f wont start ???

    I'm new to the jet ski world, I have a 2005 stx12-f , it has 13 volts at the battery and at the solenoid ? It won't turn over ? Any suggestions ? It ran fine last summer and I put it on a charger several weeks ago.

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    Here is what you can try:

    1. Remove the spark plugs and then try to crank the motor.

    2. If above fails, bypass the solenoid and just momentarily touch the 12V (+) line directly to the starter cable (red) at the solenoid to see if engine would crank at all.

    3. If above fails, then remove the engine pto/driveshaft coupler cover - black plastic. And then reach down and try to rotate the engine ccw by "hand" or some other means WITH the plugs removed.
    If you can't rotate manually like that, your engine has internal/mechanical issue something that is blokcing the rotation of the motor - possibly a major damage.

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    I'm going to try that today.

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    When you try to start it up ,there is no voltage on the side from the solenoid to the starter , contacts will not close. I'm going to order a new solenoid .

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    I put the new solenoid in today, you can hear the contacts close when you try to start it but there is no voltage on the side of the solenoid to the starter , while trying to start it up. What do I look for now ?

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    Well I got it working ! Ready to put it in the water tomorrow !

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    What did you do?

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    X2... would like to know what you did to fix it~


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