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    fuel pressure guage?

    so im gettin my ski ready for the water(01gp1200r) and i've got a question? i have this fuel pressure guage(like ive seen yall use before 0-15psi) i'd like to hook up and was wondering if this will be ok. capping the ON line at the top of the tank, runing the RES to filter and then to carbs. And then,putting a T in the return line,to run to the guage. its not the duel line setup like i've seen, but this is just a rec ski. i'd like to keep it simple, for reliability and all. Was also wondering what the pressure should read? How to raise it? how much? and is it worth it? i think i just like that fancy little guage. thanks for your input.....J

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    The only pressure you will be seeing is the return pressure to the tank unless you have drilled the reatrictors in the carbs and use the single line restrictor. To read pressure there you will need to T the line between the restrictor and carbs. And install the gauge there.

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    drilled the restrictors? whereare they? ive seen the inline restricters,that have a lil jet in them. but didn't know there were already some on the ski?. carbs?

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