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Thread: Lube Question

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    Lube Question

    Hi all,

    I know it's recommended to use the Sea Doo XP lube for all things on our skis, but it's a bit hard to come by for me here where I am.

    I know spray lube like WD40, Sonax, etc. are no good as they are petroleum based and will dry out rubber and plastic parts.

    For those of you in the know, what about silicone based spray lube? From what I'm reading on the can, it can be sprayed on plastics and rubber. Can it also be used for fogging the engine after use? Basically can silicone based lube be used to replace the Sea Doo XP lube?

    Thanks all.

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    Fluid film is good stuff. I wouldn't use it to fog tho. I'd find atleast a name brand fogging oil

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    Thanks for that jhill, I'll look into it.

    Anyone else know if silicone based lube is suitable?

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    Really? No one else can chip in?

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    Silicon based lube is defiantly no good, over time most of them eat the rubber hoses and wear them out.

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