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    Fuel Rail - Loose insert 4TEC

    So I fell victim to the insert on the rail . It just spins inside the seat. This happened after fogging last year and my thought was I would tackle when I dragged it out of storage.

    I know for certain that the bolt is not stripped. I can feel the insert spinning but can't get a strong enough bite on that plastic housing to start threading the bolt out. I've tried anything and everything and I can get it out. I know the rail is secure and isn't going anywhere. My question is the season is upon us. At this point is there any reason I should not just use the boat as is and put this off till the end of the year. No harm no foul other than this bleeping insert won't come out.

    Any other tips or tricks you've used to coax it outta there. Thanks everyone

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    spin it quickly for a brief moment (30secs) with a drill to heat up the plastic, then stop and let it set to cool, the melted plastic will shrink around the insert and tighten up, its worth a try,

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    Squeeze the plastic around the insert with a small pair of needle nose vise grips to help hold it if you can.

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    Take the other screw out and pull the rail out with the insert - You can then remove it - I grind a flat spot on it drill some cross holes in the plastic and expoy back in

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    i had this problem too. tried the expoy thing, didnt work. Buy these: Never had a problem since...

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