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    How do you pull a Yamaha 1200 Midshaft?

    I have my yamaha SUV 1200 (non-pv) unbolted, pulled forward out of the way.

    I also pulled the pump down to where the section just infront of the wear ring is at (previously unbolted the entire works including the section with the impeller inside but couldn't get it to come I bolted it back in temporarily.

    Inside the ski, I unbolted the mid-shaft 3 bolts that hold it to a triangular section which is mounted to the mid-wall. I also unbolted the mid-wall triangular shaped plate but still cannot get the mid-shaft to slide forward toward the engine (unobstructed).

    Is this just a tension thing where I need to use a rubber mallet or something to bang/pry or otherwise get the midshaft to slide out of a connection that goes back into the propshaft...or do I pull the pump out by prying the entire works outward to release that from the midshaft?

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    you were asking about the intermediate housing last time, that you need to move the engine. As for the midshaft, i think you are talking about the rubber tube in the middle, you don't have to move the engine but you do need to remove the jet pump, the whole thing. When you pull out the drive shaft. you can loosen the two clamps and pull the rubber tube out. If it is not leaking don't change it.

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    Sorry, rookie mistake on my part. I am trying to remove a frozen tight I-shaft...not mid shaft as I stated. Got some input and will try to use a bearing removal clamp and a flywheel pulley in concert against each other if I can't get a couple prybars to loosen it without busting through the fiberglass. Bought a heat gun to try that too if needed.

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    Sorry I am getting a little confuse too. Do you mean that you try it remove the intermedia housing. You remove the screws but the I shaft stuck frozen on the ski? If that is the case, just get a large flat screw driver and put in the the gap between the two housing and try to pry it a little.
    If you are taking about the triangle looking housing that is bolt to the hull, then you need to remove all screws and the clamp at the other side, then look cafully for a gap between the fiberglass and the housing, it is easy to spot. It is between two screws. Just be careful when you pry it. If you cannot get it out this way, there is one more thing you can do that works all the time. Just hope that you dont need that step.

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    Ended up cutting the driveshaft to release the rear from the I-shaft. Case closed

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