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    What do I need to look for - Going to look at a couple used skis

    I have ridden and a few friends own some rxt's and gtx's. But, I am going to look at two used jetskis. Didn't know if there was anything particular I should look at.

    ~One is a 2002 GTX 4-tec with 90 hours. Nothing wrong with it.
    ~The second is a 2002 GTX 4-tec. it has 40 hours and has some motor problems. Said it runs fine up to 4500 and thats is. Any suggestions on what to look at or may be causing it?

    I knwo its very little information. Just trying to get an idea what I am getting into. This is a 2nd ski for the GF / daughter to ride. Just need it reliable and comfortable. Everything I read on here says that ya cant beat the NA 155 4 strokes. Any opinions / options / info would be great!

    thanks ahead of time!

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    I wouldn't even look at the 2nd ski if they said it has engine problems unless you have knowledge of these engines and plan on working/putting money it.

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    Thanks, that's what I was thinking. I'm not afraid to work on it. Just didn't know what I am getting into or if it was a common problem.

    The first on is a 2002 GTX 4tech Deluxe. Never heard of a deluxe 02. Whats the difference?

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    Be careful with skis from 2007 and older because of the ceramic washer failures in the supercharger.

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