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    New 2012 FX SHO owner questions

    I am picking up a 2012 FX SHO tomorrow and I have a couple of questions.

    With a completely stock ski, is there any reason to run more than 87 octane? I assume the stock computer is tuned for 87, so additional octane will only cost more without any benefit.

    Is it recommend to run a fuel additive to help with the 10% ethanol? From what I hear, ethanol likes water and there are additives that can help with this.

    I have seen all kinds of threads about changing the oil. Do you all use a special oil for marine applications or is normal Mobile 1 synthetic? What about the oil filter? Yamaha or a good automotive oil filter?



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    You can run 87 no problem ... I run the 91 just because there is less ethanol in it for better fuel milage. I don't notice a preformance difference.

    I would recommend the Yamalube that is Yamaha says to run... It's good oil... same with the filter

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    Congrats on the new ski. 87 octane is no problem, have run over 500hrs on my 2009 using 87 octane. I try and buy non ethanol gas when I can.

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    I put Star-Tron in my gas, and keep as little spare gas around as possible.

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    CKiller what is the % in 91oct? around here no matter what it is 10%.

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    I have 2 '10 FXHOs and I run 87 and they run great.

    I use the Yamaha Fuel Stabilizer and Conditioner-- it runs about $9-10 a quart and you use one ounce per 3 gallons of gas. Supposed to be one of the best additives to deal with ethanol problems and it actually "coats" the inside of your fuel lines and fuel injection to protect them from ethanol erosion plus it keeps the fuel fresh if you dont ride it every week.

    I also add Yamaha Ring Free-- its not cheap but you only use one ounce per 10 gallons and the Yamaha outboard folks have been using it for years and swear by it. Yamaha recommends using it for all 4 stroke waverunners

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