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    Rotary Valve Help (Timing)

    Getting a 720 back together and having issues timing the rotary valve. I have done these before but I am rebuilding a 720 that I bought and I have the cases marked at the 147 degree mark and 65 degree mark and the mag piston at TDC. The issue is that the OEM rotary valve was damaged by piston pin bearing parts so I bought a WSM one. They are both 159 degree but the factory valve is asymetrical and the WSM is not. The problem is the Factory one aligns perfectly with the marks and when you flip it over it is obviously out of alignment so I know the marks are correct. With the WSM one it is the same if flipped or not so it is obviously symetrical. When The WSM one is installed it is either advanced or retarded about 1/2 a tooth so I am unsure what do do?

    1. Spend another $45 for a OEM valve on top of the $29 I paid for the WSM.
    2. Run the WSM advanced a tooth.
    3. Run the WSM retarded a tooth.

    Call WSM and ask them WTF! Probably wouldn't help but would make me feel better.

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    buy oem if you want it to run like OEM

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    Just called WSM and poor customer service. Customer service sucked the guy was a real jerk and continued to tell me I was wrong and they only make a direct copy of OEM. I told him I was holding both and they were not the same. He continued to tell me that it is a stamping so it has to be the same on both sides and go on the same way no matter how it is installed (symetrical). I indicated to him that the factory found a way because the OEM one is asymetrical. He continued to tell me I was wrong and theirs was correct and the factory one must be magic because it was just not possible. His only solution was to send it back where I bought it? So.....?

    No more WSM for me thanks to their customer service, not their parts.

    All I want to know is does 5 degrees advanced or retarded make a difference on these engines? If not do I go advanced or retarded?

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