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    Speedster 200 2x215's, I want to do my 1st service???

    Hi, I just bought my 1st SeaDoo--06 Speedster 200 Wake--. It didn't come with a manual, and the PO didn't give me any real service records, so I want to do a complete service... but I don't know exactly what all that includes. My local dealer wants $450-$475 and 2 weeks to do it! I'm no ASE Master Mechanic, but I definitly mechanical enough to not pay that for a service!
    I want to change oil and filter, fuel filter, plugs, etc... I have been told to service the water pump system also, but I'm not sure what is involved and what should be replaced with this low of hours on the boat. Can someone point me in the right direction? I've looked for a maintenance list on here, and on SeaDooforum (but they want $11/mo to access that data). I've read that I should only use BRP oil because of the SC's, but that seems kinda suspect with so many quality oils to choose from ie... Amsoil! Also, plug type? gap? best filters (fuel/oil)? Anyhthing else I'm missing would be greatly appreciated!

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    oops, the boat has ~40 hrs on it if that helps

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    There is nothing to do with the water pump system. You need to service the jet pumps, change the oil and plugs...Dont use synthetic oil!!!! use a semi synthetic or a traditional oil. The plugs are NGK DCPR8E's, dont worry about the gap, they are of out of the box....

    The fuel filters are located on the bottoms of each fuel pump....the pump will need to be removed in order to replace them.

    I would consider doing a SC rebuild even though you arent near the 100 hour recommendation, the boat is 6 years old and still has the ceramic washers in them...Gonna be price since you have 2 SC's but 1200 now is better than almost 4000 to rebuild everything a broken ceramic washer destroys...

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