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    my new Rxp x 2012 project ..

    hi guys ..

    this is my new project in my (Rxp x 2012)



    3. COMPRESSOR FRONT COVER with COMPRESSOR IMPELLER from Rotax racing 14.5 psi

    RIVA Performance Power Filter kit

    5. wallpro fuel tank pressure

    6. 15/20R RIVA/SOLAS (repich)

    Fuel Injector Kit (60s) siemens
    8. AEM (AFR) gauge

    9. Rotax racing ECU 8650


    1. do i need to install riva high performance valve kit ??
    2. what is the best AFR for my project ?

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    good luck with the build i kinda have the same setup but with no Injectors.

    on my last jetski i ran the same setup with only retainers + 8650 rotax ECU with no problems but i would recommend the valve kit.

    as for AFR through my research around the threads you should be idle: 12 to 13 mid: 12 WOT: 11.8 to 12

    i also would recommend to get the inj from rotax.

    good luck and let us know what happens with you.

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    thanks top_rpm for your reply and i will let u know what will happens with me

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