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    Performance Improvements

    I have a 2002 RXDI which is a great ski and I can manuever it very well. What I am after is more speed out of the craft. I can get 57 mph out of the ski presently, but would like to get the speed up to 70 mph. Can anyone tell me what I can do to get the speed up on the craft?

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    welcome to GH. there are not many mods for a DI. PPG (perry performacnce group) offers a level 1 upgrade kit. its basically a prop, flame arrestors, high compression head and a computer upgrade

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    It would have to be turned into an RXX for that speed!.. And my RXX had incredible acceleration which is what I would be after on an RX.. Mine would pull on a stage 1-2 RXP out of the hole

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    Like you heard the guy theres just not many mods i have just enough so it dont blow up.. If your lookin for that kinda speed buy a 4 stroke.

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