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    Little help after the first run please..

    Hey Guys,

    My buddy took his Honda F15X out with me on his first ride of the season and had a few issues. Maybe you could give me some advice to pass along. His machine was running rough today. It was an intermittent problem, sometimes he could run well, but it seemed when he went to go WOT it would go back to running rough. I could smell gas when I was running behind him. I was speculating it was either bad gas, (he is running with the full tank from when it was put away in the fall) or bad plugs. His machine has 61 hours on the original plugs. Anyways, I apologize for posting in the SeaDoo department, but I ride a 260 and thought since nobody really pays attention to the Honda department, I would get some advice faster here.

    Thanks in advance

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    I would change the gas and def. due a complete tuneup.

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    new gas and new plugs for sure...

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    It's a Honda. Put two slugs into it and walk away.


    I agree with the others. If he didn't add a fuel stablizer before he put it away it's likely he has bad gas (no pun). I don't know what fuel that unit requires but I'd dump it and put in some premium with an additive to help clean it out, along with the new plugs of course.

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    It sounds like when it was winterized it DID have stabilizer put in. Would a fuel filter be a culprit as well?

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