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    Is it safe to start the waverunners before you put them in the water?

    So i have my 2010 FX SHO and FZS on drive on docks this year. They are drive on docks and sit kind of high off the water. I always start them then immediately shut them off just to make sure the battery has enough juice. I fear pushing it into the water, jump on and have it not fire up. My marina isn't a super busy place and there is no way I could pull the waverunner back onto the dock by myself. Is it safe to start them out of water for a few seconds? I get a light metal on metal sound that I don't like but the mechanic assured me that's normal on these and they both do it so I feel confident that the mechanic is right.

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    Starting the ski out of the water for a few seconds is fine. I do it all the time, no more than 10-15 secs though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikeFZR View Post
    Starting the ski out of the water for a few seconds is fine. I do it all the time, no more than 10-15 secs though.
    What he said!!!!

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    i always start mine before putting it in the water nearly 170 hours now on the clock never had a problem doing it, like mike said only for A few seconds tho.

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    Yep...... starting up for a few seconds to check battery is the sensible thing to do.

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    that metal sound is probably the super charger wheel and if you run it to long she will let you know, beep beep beep , a symbol will pop up telling you your overheating ,this happen to me when i forgot to plug the throttle body up ,, and also the motor has an oil pump on it similar to your car

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    Ditto, you're allowed to let it run with no water for 15 seconds. I always start mine on the trailer before I go to the dock. That's because there was a time or two that my GP760 didn't start after I got in. The next person at the dock hates that

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