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    Started right up!

    I put together a 2000 1200 XLT over the winter, Mike P in Deleware if you're reading this the long block is sweet, thanks a ton. Long story short, I rebuilt the carbs, etc etc. It started up on the second try (turned the fuel on and primed the line!) and runs great with throttle on the cradle. I have not made it to the 55-60 degree Chesapeake Bay water yet. It does need idle adjustment. It is bone stock.

    My questions- to set the idle by adjusting the screw, and the cable to spec on the cradle will be done, but will I be doing this again when it's in the water? If so is turning the idle adj screw all that's needed?

    What are some indicators I've properly aligned the motor to the pump shaft, and, other than a massive vibration, what are some signs that I've missed on the alignment setup?



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    Yes, when you get the boat in the water will be the time to set the idle, it does not have to be exact, but where it works well for you. I usually have the idle set a bit lower for new riders, but I like mine a bit higher for going thru the channel where I ride.
    The best way to check alignment is with a short straight edge on the two coupling parts. You also can usually feel with your fingers whether the two couplers are dead flush with each other on the sides, and you can measure with feeler gauges the gaps front to back all the way around. If the gaps are all the same,( and within the specs of like .070 or so) then the engine is parallel, if the edges are all flush with each other, then the engine is square also and you are good.
    There is also a FAQ on doing an alignment by loosening the mount bolts and turning the engine over. You may want to look that up also.

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    Thanks for the info. I'll search the FAQ on alignment after the house is quiet. I'm pretty sure I'm within alignment but now I'm also pretty sure I'm too far forward with the motor. So now I guess is a good time to wish for smaller hands and gumby arms.

    Thanks again for responding.


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