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    Kawasaki ultra300x cover

    Hi guys I was just wondering does anybody know if a factory ultra250x cover will fit the 300x?

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    Yes it will

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    Nice one thankyou

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    its fits but not perfectly, the handlebars on the 300 are wider and the cover is harder to get on, and doesn't suck down right while trailering, then again none of my kawi covers ever sucked down and trailer very well, all end up blowing off in the back. The wifes yamaha cover trailers perfectly.

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    different Cover for the ultra 300X, I just picked one up and it fits perfectly and trailers great. Sucks down tight with no flapping when trailering. Amazon with free shipping.

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    Cool I'll check it out over here in the uk we don't have many dealers most of my stuff I have to order direct from america

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