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    engine dropped a valve is it trash?

    riding on the lake the other day running fine then the engine just died and wouldnt turn over like it was out of gas pulled spark plug looks like it was hit with a hammer and you can look down the hole and see the valve just wondering if engine was toast?

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    Pull the head and post up some pictures. Need to see how bad the damage is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vspec1 View Post
    Pull the head and post up some pictures. Need to see how bad the damage is.

    Most likely your looking at a full rebuild with some head work. Detailed pics will help determine if the cylinder is cracked or not but most of the time OK.

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    Most likely the cylinder will be scored and the head would need repairing.

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    anything is possible like bent rod, trashed head, gouged cylinder, broken timing chain

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    Just been there and done that but I was lucky bore was almost intact but the rest was chomped up ...

    New head and piston for me ...

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    Anytime you have this kind of piston trauma, it is a good idea to throw away the connecting rod. Just a slight bend can cause it to break later on.

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