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    where can I find new trim box and parts for my trim rebuild on 96 1100.

    I have found a cable on sbt but I'm looking to probably just buy new trim box and parts because I dont want to lose money buying a used trim box that may or may not work. A little info on my situation.. I have a ZXI that was set in the middle position but this past saturday a rock got in and now the trim has went to the down position. After thinking about it I want to fix the trim and kats and be done with it. I have the ski going to the mechanic so he can look into it further and see if there was any damage because in the middle position the ski was going 50 now its going 40 and the steering feels a bit different. Im hoping this is just because of the trim. So can anyone recommend what I need and where to start for parts?

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    Not really sure how hitting a rock would affect the trim--unless you backed into it somehow. The neutral position should be about the fastest. Wonder if you damaged the impeller, that would slow it down.

    As far as parts, at least you can buy some of the individual trim system parts now. You used to have to buy the entire thing. You'll really need to take it all apart and see what's wrong. It may be repairable by cleaning & lubricating it. Make sure you have the seal on the trim cable.

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