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    More speed out of seadoo xpl

    Hi I have a 2001 xpl and wondered if Im pretty much at the limit of reasonable tuning or is there any small mods Ive missed.
    I purchased my ski a few years ago and race every year. The fella I had it off has always rebuilt it for me but sadly he doesnt have the time anymore.


    coffmans which has been cut, shortened and re-welded
    franco ecu
    novi 48's
    skimmed stock head
    aftermarket reeds
    gas operated rave valves
    skat trak pump
    stock grate/plate/nozzle
    beach house sponsons
    trued hull
    umi steering
    carbon hood/rear lid
    light weight seat

    comp when freshly built has always been about 160. Its on 150-155 now roughly in both pots
    always run 50/50 mix of av gas and super unleaded.
    running 500ml of oil per 20 litres of fuel

    Ive heard of a mod to the waterbox?
    anything else I can do?

    The skis always been super reliable apart from some fuel problems and I had an electrical problem once. Im now in a position where the 4 other front runners in my class are on quicker skis. One of which is a 1200 stroked superstock. And the other 2 are twin piped, unsure what the other guys running.


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