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    WTB Complete VX110 engine and electronics.

    Engine bay was flooded and now engine froze. Need complete engine will all electronics (from Throttle body to exhaust port on block). Please PM with price and shipping cost to Houston, TX 77056. Thanks

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    Would you be interested in selling the old motor as a core need one for a boat project. I am in conroe.
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    Remove (disassemble) it from the boat and it yours for free!!!! I will pm you my contact information.

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    Sounds good to me just let know when I can do it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by xr1800blown View Post
    Sounds good to me just let know when I can do it.
    Sorry, I have decided to keep both engines. I'm rebuilding one of the engine to save some money and will need the other one for spare parts.

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    Sounded to good to be true.

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