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    2000 1100stx di not running

    Hi all new to the forum ski was full of oil in crank and intake off. I said I will look at it???? did comp check 185 way to high romoved reed vavles and suck oil out of cranckcase now 155 good. ing on no fuel pump??? crank no run... 12 v to pump but ground goes to EMM hot wired ground and pump runs . reading forums could be EMM sent to DFI checked out ok??? renstall EMM NO fuel no run ??CHET at dfi said are you getting 12v to EMM???checked pin 7 EMM POWER no 12v that wire R/BL goes to KADIAG conn CHET at DFI did not have a diagram to help I think pin 7 is power from scaner check ??? I see in diagram pins 32and33 are ING POWER ......WHERE DOES EMM GET POWER and what is missing THANKS BRIAN

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    Your post is EXTREMELY difficult to understand and it is confusing due to your run-on sentences.

    The engine becomes full of engine oil because your ski is either missing the check-valves (4) in the oil injection system or they are gone bad (open always).

    EMM gets AC voltage directgly from the stataor and internal regulator/rectifier converts to 12 VDC.
    Your stator might be shot and it is not providing the necessary AC voltage (45 AC) to the EMM which provides power to all engine related components such as fuel pump, injecgtors and coils.

    It doesn't sound like you don't have the service manual for DI - get one.
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    sorryI am not good at spelling and typing . I do halver apreaciate your help THANKS

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