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    Boating/PWC Season is Here - Proceed With Caution!

    Like most of the southern regions of the US, the boating/PWCing season is upon us here in Louisiana. And with the warm weather comes the traffic on the water, as well as the stupidity that eventually follows in it's wake. With it only being the first week of May, we've already had a boating fatality on my home waters ( as well as a PWC/boat collision that resulted in serious injuries. While I'm not at liberty to discuss the PWC incident (still under investigation), it's a shame for a life to be ended so soon. My prayers goes out to the individuals and families of those involved and affected.

    Common sense goes a long way. Enjoy this riding season as well as the rest of your life.

    Good luck everyone...

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    Yes always watch out for others. Your best defense against stupidity is your own alertness. I tend to stay away from the crowded waters for just this reason.

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    Be safe out there folks!!! Make sure you have all of the gear you need, pay attention, and have fun safely.

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    Its amazing the lack of respect for these high powered PWC (&boats) that is seen summer after summer.

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