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    rrfpr for an fzr

    Anybody have a rising rate fuel pressure regulator for sale for an FZR?

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    U know i never realy though about it untill i starded needing one . Heres what I found out The r and d rrfpr is desinged to work with there ecu reflashes. It helps maintan more close afr throughout the rpm range,theirfore bettere performance and aceralition and better fuel econemy. I tride some others but at the end of the day and a lot of wasted time I have the r and d on both my boats. Just my experience. Never tryed the riva. Just a fyi

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    I've got an R&D RRFPR... I took it off my GF's modified ski because I returned it to stock form. All the aftermarket parts were on the ski for less than 10hrs.

    I've also got the R&D R3 ECU to go along with this if you're interested.

    PM me and we can make a deal.

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