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    Todays thoughts on premixing for 1390cc motors

    Hello everyone, been a long long while since I have been on. Been busy with life, but good news! Summer is here!

    When it comes with 1390cc motors with a high compression head (forgot the psi DOH!... 93 octane though) and no oil injection, what premix ratio are you running?

    Lowell talked to me about running a 40:1 mix a long long time ago. I think I went with a 32:1, then slowly moved to 36:1. Since it has been a few years, how are the motors holding up running 40:1? Still strong? No issues? If you don't run 40:1, what do you run?

    Don't forget! Name your oil when you post. I am running Amsoil Dominator.

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    I run 40:1 on both my 1390's and I use amsoil

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