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    XR1800 carb running lean?

    I just rebuilt my carbs and it seems to be running too lean. It falls on its face when you go from idle to full throttle. If I pull the choke out 1/16 it seems to run better all the way through the rpm range. Should I lower my spring to a 95G?
    I went with the 115g because I read that Group K was able to get rid of the “no wake idling bog” by increasing the spring size from the 95G to 115G.

    What I have installed
    120 main
    110 pilot
    1.5 N&S
    115G spring
    T-handle low adjustment
    Rebuilt accelerator pump

    Thanks for your help.

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    OK I took out the 115g spring and replaced it with the 95g spring and it is still running lean. With the choke pulled out 1/8 – ¼ of the way it runs great, but if the choke is pushed all the way in; it dies once the throttle is touched. I tried to adjust the low side adjustment screw in and out and this did not help. I do not see why it would be running lean. I increased the sizes of the main jet, pilot jet and needle and seat.

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    Did you ever figure out the issue?

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    What all mods have you done?

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