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    Honda spark plugs

    I am sure most all of you know that Advance Auto Part sells 6544 NGK for $9.99 that is the same exact plug that the Honda book calls for, however you may not know that Advance gives you a 3 year replacement if defective. (it is even printed on the receipt) So you might want to keep your receipt with your other papers. Ya its only $42 bucks but its a half tank of gas in your pocket.

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    oreilys and advanced auto. pretty much all of them can get the plugs same day.

    cross over the year and model using this then call and have them priced. change out every 40-50 hours to be safe. make sure you run high octane fuel or you will be changing out a lot often. also keep old plugs and install when you winterize your pwc. lube/spray and then install old bad plugs.

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