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    carb dripping at idle

    95 waveblaster1 701. Just had it ported, shop says I have to lower the pop off pressure to the low 20's so it is easier to tune and will flow fuel more easily. Now at idle when the eng is vibrating fuel drips from the highspeed venturi. Coming off idle the eng smooths out and this is no longer a problem just at low idle. Is there a stiffer flapper check valve or some other setup to use to cure this problem?

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    You may want to check the needle and seats, they may have wear grooves in them and not seal well with the vibration. A bit higher pop-off may help also. Might also check that they are syncronized properly, a smoother idle could result.

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    I usually set popoff in the 35-40 range with stock flame arrestors. My guess is also leaky needle valves. On a performance build I also double up the little flapper behind the kidney shaped jet covers.

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