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    Question GTX Supercharger: Will it work with SC removed/disabled

    I just got a used 2006 GTX SC with 84hrs, it is super fun to ride.
    However I just browsed other forums here and am unhappy to see the issues with ceramic washer in supercharger and the recommendation is to rebuild it every 100 hrs. I am not willing to spend another few more 100$$ for rebuilt just as yet . So question is, if I am ok with 50mph performance, can I remove/ disable the super charger and run the jet ski as a non SC model?

    best: NCAK

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    Having Fun jp1300r's Avatar
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    I know it will idle without a SCer, but never went and rode without a SCer.

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    you'd have to block off the hole that the supercharger goes into or you would spew oil everywhere, and you probably won't think its fun anymore without the supercharger.

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    When you get into a SC ski, you have to anticipate the costs. I did a lot of research before I bought mine, and I planned for the expenses. I would really suggest that you just spend the $$$ and get the SC rebuilt and be done with it for another 100 hours. I know this is not the answer you want to hear, but it is an honest one.

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    I would think it would run pig rich with the lack of boost. Foul plugs, gas in oil, sludge from the breather and all that.

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    thanks all for your comments. This sure is helpful...I guess it is not worth it working without SC then. Devildog9999: Will shell the $$ to make it run like it is suposed to!. How much did it cost for your SC rebuilt?

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