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    New to Jet Ski's

    Hi All,
    I bought my first jet ski last week which was a 1998 Polaris SLXH 1050cc. It has had a rebuilt cam shaft, new starter motor, rebuilt carbs, upgraded ECU and stator plate all done by a reputable marine engineer last year and I was told it has only done a few hours since the rebuild. I took her out for a spin on Sunday and loved it. I think its safe to say she is in good mechanical condition from what I have seen although I'm no mechanic.
    Do any of you have any tips for me or any opinions good or bad on the ski I bought?
    Thanks for your help,

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    Welcome to the Hulk! Best thing you can do is read as much as possible on here. These are a few good starting points:

    Even though you are not experiencing any issues now, reading up on your ski can bring you a better understanding of how it operates, regular maintenance and things to check before every ride......

    You will also find on here posts about RPM and top speeds to compare to your readings so you know your ski is performing as it should........

    Have fun!

    And by the way, we like pictures.....!!

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    Since you have the upgraded ECU and stator you should have a very reliable ski. Its light and fast so its an agile and ski which is perfect for wave jumping, Its also shallow and short for spins and messing around if you're young and durable. If you want a crusing ski you may be disapointed. In even mild chop other skis will cruise right past you smoothly and effortlessly cutting through the waves while you bounce around and cavitate. I'd highly recommend an intake grate, single best mod I ever bought for my '99 SLX, it will greatly help with cavitation in chop and steep turns.

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    The OP ride plates make a huge difference as well. I would still pull the jet pump and inspect the condition of the bearings and seals, including the through hull seal on the drive shaft. If it has the grey fuel lines, those all need to be replaced as well. Other than that it sounds like you found a nice ride.

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    Welcome to the Hulk and just as a FYI, there are no cam shafts in a 2 stroke engine.

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