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    Supercharger on 2012 Ultra 300X and fogging

    Have a new 2012 ultra 300X. Dealer was worthless on the delivery and didn't even know about fogging it. I found it in the owners manual and had to ask for the oil. That said I can't for the life of me find the fogging port. I have heard its a tube up front on the 2012, and the owners manual shows it as a cap near the motor. Either way I can't find it and am worried about fogging the supercharger.

    Can someone post some detailed pics or howto, video would be even better.

    Need some help guys...


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    Take the large seat off look just to the left of the front metal seat. Catch u will see a small rubber cap pull that of and there u go. Fogging. Is only needed maybe every other time or anytime. It will sit for a long time. Also 5 seconds max not the 10 it says in the book.

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    At this point I'm not even sure if fogging is nescessary on 300X s/c as I've never heard of locked up s/c due to corrosion.
    Has anyone heard of such locked up s/c on 300X?

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    I fog each and every time I take the ski out, whether it's 10 minutes, or 10 hrs. on the water. Its cheap and easy to do and as far as i'm concerned there is no downside to it.

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    I do not fog my supercharger, sometimes takes MILES to burn off the fogging oil if you over do it.

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